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Curie Adelswärd, originally from Korea, relocated Sweden at the age of 13. After studying at Esmod in Paris and establishing a background in fashion design, Curie transitioned to become an artist in 2004. She has since held numerous successful exhibitions in Sweden and is often sought after for portrait commissions, including creating the official portrait of H.R.H. Princesselle.

Drawing upon classical art for inspiration, Curie's oil depict subjects derived from modern-day life. Her meticulous approach to detail and composition aims to capture timeless beauty and harmony, with figurative paintings that blur the line between realism and classical aesthetics.

In recent years, Curie has delved into sculpting marble at the Marble Art Studio in Pietrasanta, Tuscany, Italy. Her sculptures made their USA debut at S.A.V Gallery in 2023. The collection, titled "The Hen or the Egg," comprises seven evocative sculptures featuring women's faces integrated into soft, egg-like forms, inviting contemplation about origins.
Similar to her oil paintings, Curie imbues her sculptures with themes of timeless beauty, harmony, and equilibrium, seamlessly intertwining classical elements with contemporary interpretations.

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