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Alexa Agienko, an emerging Ukrainian artist from Slavutych, divides her creative pursuits between Kyiv and London. Despite initially exploring painting in her youth, Agienko transitioned to photography and media art before circling back to her roots in painting.
Her acclaimed series, "Fake Rothko," takes on conventional notions of authorship, originality, and the commercial underpinnings of the art industry. Through reproduced versions of Rothko's iconic works with added inscriptions, Agienko delves into the intricacies of contemporary art, sparking discussions and criticisms. This series, prominently featured on Instagram, has captivated audiences and provoked incisive media responses, underscoring the tensions between creativity, authenticity, and the pursuit of truth in the digital era.
Agienko's artistic contribution transcends mere mimicry, offering a profound critique of the interconnected worlds of art and commerce imbued with monetary values. Grounded in the realm of affect, her Abstract Expressionist reinterpretations elucidate the fragility inherent in both the art domain and the broader societal framework beyond traditional capitalist norms.

Influenced by Mark Fisher's concepts of Capitalist Realism, Agienko's "Fake Rothko" series disrupts the superficiality of the art market paradigm, questioning the commodification of art and the limitations imposed by financial considerations. While the series may have gained recognition in the market, its ability to sustain tension and resist assimilation underscores its enduring relevance in challenging and navigating the intricate interplay between art and economics. Recently showcased at SAV Gallery Los Angeles as part of the group exhibition "Iridescence," Agienko's work continues to confront and rethink prevailing narratives within the art sphere.

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