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Andrea Collesano, born in Pontedera in November 1980, is an artist whose creative odyssey is intricately woven with a profound affinity for nature and the sea. Having achieved an artistic diploma in 2004, he continued to refine his craft, ultimately graduating in painting from the esteemed Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. His academic pursuits involved an in-depth examination of the metamorphic and mythological figures found in Bocklin's artworks, with a special emphasis on zoomorphic attributes.

Settling in Forte dei Marmi for several years, Collesano immersed himself in the coastal environment, drawing inspiration from the ocean, natural surroundings, and fauna. His artistic repertoire reveals a deep-seated fascination with the animal realm, ranging from delicate miniatures capturing tiny insects to grandiose compositions featuring magnificent whales and enigmatic deep-sea creatures. Employing self-prepared black ink on paper, he infuses his creations with a timeless quality and a hauntingly serene aesthetic.

Collesano's distinctive methodology involves purposeful weathering of his pieces through a technique known as "invecchiatura," where deliberate stains and effects lay the foundation for his fantastical beasts. Rooted in ancient symbolism and naturalistic engravings, he endeavors to give form to a universe that exists solely within his imagination. Venturing into bronze sculpture in 2011, he translated his menagerie into three-dimensional sculptures that harmonize dreamlike elements with scientific precision seamlessly.

Within his extensive body of work, recurring motifs such as keys, bicolour chess, ambiguous horizons, and fragments of architectural components beckon forth an air of enigma. Devoid of human presence, his art captures suspended instances beyond the confines of time, resembling ethereal reveries where only animals reign supreme. Collesano's meticulous attention to detail, coupled with his ethereal aesthetic, beckons viewers to traverse a realm that transcends the boundaries of reality.

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