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Bastiaan van Stenis, a descendant of the renowned 19th-century English painter John Thomas Baines, spent his formative years in South Africa. In 2000, he delved into the world of painting with fervor, initiating a continuous journey of sharing his artistic expressions.

For van Stenis, the essence of his artistry stems from the process itself. He perceives creation as a significant milestone within his artistic voyage. Employing a diverse range of tools and mediums like paint, cloth, encaustic wax, hair, adhesives, and collage, his paintings evolve into visually compelling and emotionally expressive forms. In addition to painting, van Stenis also explores other creative outlets, including forays into taxidermy and sculpture.

Throughout his ongoing artistic exploration, Bastiaan van Stenis maintains a steadfast commitment to the intricate and ever-evolving nature of the creative process.

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