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BENKA criticizes society's reckless disregard for the potential consequences of artificial intelligence (AI). From the growing influence of smartphones on our social interactions to the emergence of humanoid robots like Aida, Tesla Bot, Sophia, and Erica, as well as concepts like the Metaverse and cyber-surveillance, our modern world is undergoing a significant transformation.

Through his art, BENKA sheds light on the issue of the increasing mechanization of our civilization. While AI offers notable benefits in fields such as medicine and astronomy, it also poses significant risks and prompts fundamental questions and anxieties about humanity's future.
In BENKA's paintings, the alphanumeric characters serve as captchas. Captchas are security features that thwart automated bots by presenting challenges that only humans can solve, distinguishing them from malicious software. BENKA interprets and incorporates captchas into his art as a representation of his ongoing struggle.

Following a standard education in Vienna, BENKA delved into music, playing the drums in various bands and performing across Europe. Concurrently, he pursued a clinical psychology degree focusing on smartphone addiction, culminating in his thesis exploring this topic, which serves as a catalyst for his artworks depicting AI and smartphone addiction's societal impacts.

In 2015, BENKA embarked on a journey as a self-taught artist, devoting himself to painting ever since. Currently based in Munich, BENKA continues to create thought-provoking art that challenges societal norms and perceptions.His artistic approach aims to expose the question of the robotization of our world and if A.I. has a considerable advantage in fields such as medicine or astronomy, on the other hand, it presents many drawbacks and raises both questions and concerns for humanity itself.
These numbers and letters in his paintings are captchas.
A captcha is a program that protects websites from bots by generating tests that humans can perform unlike malicious computer programs (robots). The captcha is used to verify, for example, that you are a human when connecting to an interface (login) or to avoid “SPAM” on your mailboxes for contact forms on your website. These captchas are interpreted by BENKA and transformed into a symbol of his artistic struggle.
After an average high-school curriculum in Vienna, BENKA took to music. He joined different bands as a drummer and starred in a multitude of concerts throughout Europe. BENKA pursued his music career while studying for his clinical psychology degree with a focus on smartphone addictions. This is the subject of his thesis and inspires him to create paintings representing aspects of AI and the smartphone addiction in our society.
In 2015 BENKA started studying art as a self-taught artist and has since devoted himself to his painting.
BENKA lives and works in Munich.

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