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Christian Schumacher, a German painter based in Berlin, hails from the quiet town of Schönebeck Salzelmen in the former GDR. He discovered his passion for painting at a tender age while relishing the tranquility of village life. Upon completing his education, Christian relocated to Berlin to broaden his horizons and hone his artistic skills. To sustain himself in the bustling city as an emerging artist, he immersed himself in various roles in the medical field, garnering firsthand experiences that now deeply influence his work, resonating with bones, flesh, and blood.

In 2018, Christian embarked on a voyage to Portugal, where he showcased his artworks in two exhibitions. The proceeds from his sold pieces enabled him to venture through the culturally rich landscapes of India, Nepal, Taiwan, and Scandinavia. Drawing inspiration from his early encounters in medical environments, his global expeditions, his passion for literature, music, and languages, as well as the visual allure of numbers, letters, and colors, Christian's oeuvre reflects a diverse tapestry of influences.

Sold Artwork

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