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David Wilstermann, a native of Ottawa, is a self-taught artist who currently resides and creates alongside his wife and two children. His natural creativity and passion for crafting from the ground up were ignited by watching reruns of Bob Ross. Starting with paint experiments, Wilstermann has refined his skills through persistent trial and error.

Over time, Wilstermann's artistic expression has evolved from landscapes to an abstract, minimalist/modern approach. Drawing inspiration from nature, movement, and texture, his recent works radiate a fresh organic quality. His artistic process is spontaneous, assured, and nuanced, blending gestural mark-making, floral elements, and scribbles into a distinctive style.

During the day, Wilstermann works as a carpenter, infusing his art with a hands-on touch. He personally constructs frames, stretches canvases, and enjoys commencing his creations from scratch. Working on unstrained canvases on his studio floor enables him to make bold marks with oil sticks and pastels, offering a dynamic perspective as each painting unfolds. His approach is marked by spontaneity, embracing a "whatever happens, happens" ethos in his painting style.

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