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Lily Piper Faye, a tenacious artist hailing from Louisville, Kentucky, is known for her prowess in multi-disciplinary art, particularly excelling in oil painting. Despite facing adversity in her upbringing, Lily's artistic journey flourished under the guidance of a supportive mentor. She further honed her craft through art education in both New York City and Los Angeles, where she cultivated a signature style characterized by dreamy and nostalgic compositions that subtly obscure faces, eliciting an air of enigma.

Central to Lily's oeuvre is her profound interest in antiquated photographs, a motif that mirrors her contemplation of memory and the transient nature of existence, themes that resonate deeply within her evocative works. Amidst personal struggles, Lily derives fulfillment from igniting creativity in others, particularly in young minds. Her art acts as a conduit for meaningful connection, offering audiences a glimpse into her world of ingenuity and resilience

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