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In the eclectic world of contemporary art, Saxon JJ Quinn is recognized as a self-taught luminary who skillfully integrates elements of grime, wear, and resilience into his extraordinary artworks. Raised in the artistic community of Allendale in country Victoria, Australia, Saxon's childhood was immersed in creativity. His mother, Dianne Coulter, an artist with a studio on the family property, and his late father, a graphic designer and part-time artist, laid the groundwork for Saxon's artistic journey.

Saxon's artistic career flourished in 2017 upon his return from the dynamic streets of New York City, where he co-founded successful start-ups. The fast-paced environment of NYC, the weathered surfaces, and the diverse cultural influences made a lasting impact on Saxon's artistic expression. His initial series of cement-based paintings, inspired by the urban decay of cityscapes, echoed the gritty and authentic essence of the bustling metropolis.

Transitioning to working on heavy raw canvas, Saxon's current pieces delve into his origins, exploring themes such as childhood, friendships, family, and the importance of material objects in shaping one's early experiences. Each brushstroke for him represents a therapeutic reprieve, a tranquil moment amidst the chaos of his thoughts. Within the rough and spontaneous nature of his art, Saxon strikes a delicate equilibrium, reflecting his quest for harmony in the creative process.

His journey from the serene landscapes of Allendale to the vibrant streets of NYC not only influenced his artistic style but also ignited his zeal for exploration. Saxon's artistic progression mirrors his personal development, a narrative interwoven into the essence of his creations.

The global art scene has warmly embraced Saxon's distinctive vision, with his works scheduled for exhibitions in 2023 across prestigious venues in New York, Los Angeles, Brisbane, Toronto, London, Copenhagen, Madrid, and Melbourne. Particularly notable is his involvement in the 'Future Primitive' project in New York, where his compositions seamlessly merge elements of space and pop culture. Peeling back the layers of Saxon's creative process reveals a meticulous ritual. He begins a new piece only when free of distractions, ensuring he enters the right headspace to infuse joy into his work. The act of destroying a couple of pieces at the start serves as a cleansing ritual, clearing the slate for the artistic journey ahead.

Music acts as a companion to Saxon's artistic endeavors, with his playlists spanning from Fred Again and ASAP Ferg to Caribou and The Streets. Influences such as Cy Twombly, Jenny Brosinski, and Richie Culver shape his artistry, with Culver's unique approach to the art industry admired alongside his artistry.

Saxon's art, characterized by unprimed heavy-weight canvas and a multi-stage process involving staining, marking, and painting, embodies a naive approach that sparks discussions, challenging traditional ideas of beauty and complexity. The seemingly spontaneous markings delve into the insecurities of adolescence, exploring the desire to fit in through materialistic pursuits.
Responding to criticism with humor, Saxon values negative feedback for the emotions it elicits. To him, a successful artist authentically paints, garners attention, sparks discourse, and enjoys commercial success.

Looking ahead, Saxon finds comfort in his current artistic groove. Eager to delve into childhood imagination and venture into sculpture and ceramics, he anticipates solo shows later in the year. His advice to emerging artists mirrors his own journey—exercise patience, focus on growth, and persist to unlock opportunities that may initially seem inaccessible.

Saxon JJ Quinn, with his raw and evocative creations, continues to challenge boundaries and redefine the discourse surrounding contemporary art. His works not only reflect life's intricacies but also beckon observers to pause, contemplate, and discover beauty in the often overlooked corners of our existence.

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