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Casati, born on July 19, 1978, in Treviglio (BG) in Italy, embarked on a transformative artistic career that commenced in 1997 as an apprentice at "The Art of Restoration." This pivotal opportunity enabled him to hone techniques for conserving and restoring frescoes and decorations in historical landmarks across Lombardy, Northern Italy.

Transitioning into freelancing in 2004, Casati expanded his impact to Italy, Switzerland, and France, continuing his valuable work in restoration and decoration. However, a significant moment in his artistic journey occurred in 2017 when he discovered a passion for abstract art.

In his recent exploration of abstract expression, Stefano Casati seamlessly merges his classical training with contemporary visions. His personal artistic output stands as a testament to this amalgamation, creating works that possess a richness of dramatic suspended events yet emit a luminous essence. This artistic metamorphosis signifies the convergence of his classical foundation with the uncharted realms of abstract creativity.

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