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David Aiu Servan-Schreiber's artistic journey commenced within the realm of French graffiti and then transitioned into the realm of a self-taught painter, guided by life's adversities. Refashioning a professional role at an auction house as his personal "art school," he serendipitously dedicates himself to his craft, even converting a garage into a dedicated studio space. Confronted by life's challenges, he finds solace in the realms of science, using this inspiration to transform his visual vocabulary with a focus on promoting discussions about environmental issues.

Influenced by the struggles of our planet, his collection of "earth-paintings" harmoniously blend various natural elements, employing an air compressor to create fiery effects and utilizing wood as a foundational material. Central to his artistic themes are duality and opposition, as he delves into life's intricacies through a blend of figurative and abstract representations. Within Servan-Schreiber's work, the symbolism of gold leaves emerges as a beacon of hope, reflecting his distinctive and celestial interpretations.

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