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Hailing from Paris, Ugo Schildge infuses a sense of purity into his fantastical depictions of flora and fauna. His recent work delves into focused themes, allowing shapes and lines to discover new dimensions within nature and humanity. In his piece "Nectar," Schildge imagines a parallel universe grappling with the challenges of food crop production amidst dwindling natural resources.

Each of Schildge's visually and conceptually rich artworks extensively explores its thematic subjects. The series "Nectar" symbolizes the essence of life's propagation, the continuity of species, and the relentless power of sexual desire. Within this series, flowers serve as allegories for sexuality, reproducing as a survival strategy, alluring birds and bees with nectar, mirroring elements of human heterosexuality, homosexuality, and androgyny.

Using natural pigments, clay, wood, and plaster, Schildge's creations defy conventional artistic forms. By blurring the boundaries between painting and sculpture, canvas and medium, control and liberation, he delves into the intricate interplay of color, brushstroke, and texture within each artistic medium.

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